We offer a number of different courses in many locations all over Wiltshire which can be booked over the phone. We hope that the following section will provide information about each of the courses, what content is covered and any additional information such as who and who isn’t suitable for the course.

We currently offer the following courses

  • Don’t Panic! Taking control of your panic attacks
  • How to Avoid Avoidance – techniques to expand your comfort zone
  • Worry no More. Making your worry work for you
  • Bettering the Blues – break the cycle of low mood with ‘Behavioural Activation’
  • Mindfulness for People with Long Term Health Conditions
  • Stress for People with Long Term Health Conditions
  • Think Better! How ‘Cognitive Restructuring’ can help improve how you feel
  • Weight Management – Shape Up for Life
  • CALM: An introduction to Mindfulness
  • Living well with a long term health condition
  • Living well with COPD
  • Living well with chronic pain
  • Living well with diabetes
  • Stress management
  • Wellbeing after baby

    If you have any questions about any of the courses and their content; please ask any of the course facilitators who run the sessions.

    Courses can be booked over the phone. All our courses are released for booking 4 weeks before the start date. Our admin team are available weekdays, 9am-5pm and will be happy to assist you in booking on to your chosen course and answer any questions you may have.

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