Bettering the Blues – break the cycle of low mood with ‘Behavioural Activation’

Often triggered by changes in our circumstances – relationship break ups, work pressures, financial burdens – low mood can be a crushing weight which makes us feel helpless. In turn that sense of impotence can make it even harder to get back on top of things, creating a cycle of low mood that feeds into itself. This workshop promotes ways of breaking the cycle, and reenergising ourselves.
When we suffer low mood, it shrinks our world as we retreat into ourselves, avoiding activities and pulling back from responsibilities as we find it harder to face doing them – in turn making us feel guilty and making us retreat yet further. By increasing our engagement in positive activities, and improving our life balance, we can fight back against the blues.

This free two hour workshop will look at how ‘Behavioural Activation’ – doing more things that give us a sense of enjoyment or achievement, doing fewer things that make us feel low, and tackling obstructions along the way – can assist us in breaking the cycle. And as we push back the walls which previously closed in on us, so we can reignite our joy, extend our horizons, and reconnect with the world, on a daily basis.

 This course is suitable for: People suffering from low mood or depression who find life balance difficult

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