Think Better! How ‘Cognitive Restructuring’ can help improve how you feel

For: People suffering from low mood or depression who have trouble moving on

From an early age negative thoughts – whether protecting us from danger, alerting us to risk, or simply shaping our opinions of particular people, situations or ideas – are essential to our growth as human beings. However, sometimes we become drowned beneath waves of negative thought, preventing us from enjoying our lives as we always fear the worst.


With this free two hour workshop you will reflect upon how our thoughts affect our mood, and how by considering thoughts in a different way – not as indisputable facts, but simply thoughts – you can improve your mood. Instead of fixating on negative feedback, let us see constructive criticism, and use it to improve how we feel.

Amongst other tools you will discuss how ‘Cognitive Restructuring’, a process of changing how you evaluate and act on thoughts, can have a direct and positive impact upon mood.

Important information:

Please note: You must be booked onto a course to attend. You are welcome to bring a friend or relative for support, but they must also be booked onto the course due to limited spaces.

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