Worry no More. Making your worry work for you

For most people, most of the time, ‘worry’ is a normal, useful feeling – a response to specific pressures we face, which often helps us better meet the challenge by focusing our attention. But when worry becomes ever-present, we can instead become almost paralysed. This workshop addresses the issues caused by ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’ (GAD), and teaches ways of turning worry from something to be feared into a tool for positive change.

Whether you find it necessary to seek constant reassurance from others, regularly find it difficult to sleep or rest, have difficulty making decisions, or regularly experience tension headaches, the workshop will help demystify the nature of worry, and help you get it working work for you instead of against you.

At the centre of the free two hour workshop are evidence-based problem-solving and ‘worry time’ techniques. These are designed as a way to acknowledge your worries in a way which prevents them from becoming roadblocks; leaving you free to move forwards.

This course is suitable for : People experiencing problematic levels of worry in their day to day lives


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