Problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, and worry are very common. For some people this is short-lived, but for others it can cause ongoing distress and impact on their quality of life. If these difficulties go on for more than a few weeks, the Wiltshire IAPT Service can provide access to a wide range of psychological interventions. SilverCloud is one of the support options we offer to help you overcome your difficulties.

What is SilverCloud?

SilverCloud features secure access to flexible online programs, designed to help you learn techniques to overcome many common mental health concerns with no need to attend rigid appointments.
The SilverCloud programs are based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT is an effective way of learning about thoughts, feelings, and behaviours and how they influence each other. The SilverCloud programs have demonstrated high improvement rates for many common mental health conditions, such as low mood, anxiety, and stress.

Why Choose SilverCloud?

  • It’s flexible – Access the program 24/7, on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. At home, at work, or elsewhere.
  • Work at your own pace – Your supporter will provide feedback on your progress.
  • It’s easy to use – Interesting tools and activities make your experience motivational.

What if it doesn’t help?

The majority of individuals who use SilverCloud find it very helpful and complete the full program. However, some people begin working through the program and find that it’s not for them, and that’s alright too. We’re here to help you, so if you think SilverCloud isn’t the right choice for you after all, the best thing to do is to let your supporter know how you are feeling. Your supporter can then get in touch to discuss any concerns, issues, or questions you have about SilverCloud and help you decide on what you would like to do next. Help is always available so, don’t hesitate to ask.

Patient feedback

The fact that it was online meant that I was able to access the program from the comfort of my home at a time when it suited me

It was great to know that a therapist was reviewing my work and reading my journal entries and offering feedback. It meant I could get the support I needed each week without having to meet face-to-face with the therapist.

I found myself more light-hearted and I think this is because I was less caught up in my own head. I wasn’t over-analysing as much. My attitude towards others and towards myself completely took a turn for the positive.